Ram Set (part 1 & 2) SPECIAL OFFER
Back-Issues · 06. April 2021
May 17, 2021 it will be exactly 50 years ago that McCartney released his album Ram in the US. We have set up a great promotion for this occasion. We offer the Maccazine Ram part 1 and the Maccazine Ram part 2 for a special set price of $ 39.00 including shipping.
Back-Issues · 30. November 2020
After our Maccazine special “The Birth Of Wings”, we continue our unique 1972 WINGS TIMELINE in this issue. We pick up the story in March 1972 when Wings start recording their second album at Olympic Sound Studios in London and end with a detailed description of the continental summer tour. In between there is the release of “Mary Had A Little Lamb”, a Spanish holiday and rehearsals for the upcoming live shows. In this Maccazine you can find detailed and interesting entries including...

Back-Issues · 07. June 2020
Although 60s Beatle Paul is especially associated with his iconic Höfner (and less so: his two Epiphones), and 70s Wing Paul with his sanded to natural Rickenbacker, he has used many more guitars over the course of six decades. This Maccazine ‘GUITARS’ special -our second in full colour- is dedicated to his large collection of string instruments, used from very early on till today, in live performances, in the studio, for both - or for promotion only. Without any doubt, the overview will...
Back-Issues · 26. November 2019
This Maccazine 'Egypt Station' covers all you want to know about his latest album, with data collected from modern and old-fashioned media as well. A real first in full colour, it includes details on all songs, extracts from Paul’s many interviews, a timeline chronology of all the promotions, the international charts and reviews, an extensive discography, lots of pictures, and more… - René Termeer - Editor

Back-Issues · 13. September 2019
Editorial In this issue we take you back to the early days of Paul McCartney’s solo career when he decided to form a new group. With Wings he proved there was life after The Beatles. This Maccazine features a detailed timeline of ‘the birth’ of the band with interesting entries including many new facts and unpublished photos. Follow-up timelines will be published in the upcoming years. Edward Eikelenboom - chief editor -
Back-Issues · 12. February 2019
EDITORIAL The year 2019 started great with a new song by Paul McCartney, Get Enough. After ‘’Fuh You’’ and ‘’Nothing For Free’’ this is the 3rd song recorded during his weeklong sessions with producer Ryan Tedder at his Sussex studio during the recording for “Egypt Station”. Get Enough is most probably a teaser of the upcoming deluxe “Egypt Station” box set – although there is still no set date of release… It should be said that it is a nice gesture to put the tune...

Back-Issues · 04. January 2019
EDITORIAL In this second volume of our 2-part “Wings Over America” special, we take an in-depth look at the 3LP record from the tour as well as the single Maybe I’m Amazed b/w Soily, featuring worldwide discographies, reviews, chart figures and much more. We are also proud to publish an extended Timeline for the year 1976, featuring the recording of “Wings At The Speed Of Sound”, live dates in Europe as well as in America and the mixing and subsequent release of the triple live album....
Back-Issues · 04. January 2019
Wings Over America Double Special XL Volume 1 THIS SPECIAL HAS 180 PAGES! EDITORIAL People tend to forget that Paul McCartney – with or without ‘wings’ – was one of the best-selling acts of the 1970s. He formed WINGS in late 1971 and after a shaky start his band really took off in 1973 with great singles and the superb “Band On The Run” album. The second line-up of WINGS was the best with lead guitarist Jimmy McCulloch and drummer Joe English and after the release of the “Venus...

Back-Issues · 04. January 2019
EDITORIAL I remember starting out listening to the Beatles in my early teens when I borrowed a 90-minute cassette from my sister with the 1962 – 1966 ‘red’ compilation album plus all the other tracks from “Rubber Soul”. I was hooked. I went to the local library and took home all Beatles albums for home taping. One way or another it took a lot of time to find “Please Please Me” to ‘complete’ my collection, but I finally did. During this time, I also found out that one member of...
Back-Issues · 04. January 2019
EDITORIAL This souvenir timeline special presents all main Paul McCartney events from the year 2015. The timeline for 2015 is divided into two huge specials. This is part 2. – Edward Eikelenboom – Chief Editor

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